What is IQ test?

That is a form of examination to test human intelligence, by taking IQ quizzes, also known as Recruitment IQ tests. The test rules are very simple: in about 20 minutes, testers must pass 33 questions. Also, each question will have a matched IQ score, based on it we can measure IQ.

The test questions have difficulty level ranges from easy to difficult and mainly constructed with 100% image. Why is everything images? Won’t that make the online IQ test lose diversity and richness?

Because Intelligence Quotient tests that are based on all images have high equality. Meaning a person who does not need to go to school, does not know words or comes from any country can still test IQ and get result. So it will reflect accurate test results.

Of course there are some tests with both numbers and pictures. Those are Recruitment IQ Tests - quite common in personnel interviews. And a rather interesting information you may not know, now on Google - one of the best search engines in the world - is recruiting staff for their company based on Recruitment Intelligence Quotient test questions. Applicants who are without a degree, without expertise or even no education just need to test IQ and pass (with difficulty level up to over 140) can be accepted to train and work for Google.

Quick IQ Test result categories

Based on test score, results are divided into the following categories:

• Test score from below 89, in the low group (16% population ratio)

• Test score from 90-119, in the normal group (68% population ratio)

• Test score from 120-129, in the smart group (14% population ratio)

• Test score from 130-145, in the very intelligent group (2% population ratio)

• Test score from 145 upwards, in the genius group (0.1% population ratio)

So you are normal or genius that even you yourself have not discovered? Let’s test IQ and find the answer for yourself through the free IQ Test!

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